Jubilee and butterflies

Friday 27 May 2022

This week, it’s been a fun filled Jubilee themed week!

In literacy, there was a lot of laughter when reading The Queen’s Knickers. The children designed a new pair of knickers for the Queen to wear on different occasions.

The Queen will wear these knickers…

MC – when she goes on holiday
HD – wherever she wants to go
DA – when  she goes to the park
OR – when she goes to the United Kingdom
Florence – when she sees a rainbow
JD – when she walks her dogs
SF – when she goes to a birthday party
HN – when she goes to the beach
RF – when she goes to Burger King

Take a look at their super designs!

At the creative table, the children enjoyed making the Queen’s Guards.

On Tuesday, we learnt that the Queen has had her portrait painted over 130 times! So we thought we would add to this collection and draw our own portraits.

Throughout the week, we’ve been practising the National Anthem ready to sing at our Jubilee party. Click here to watch us.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been closely observing the life cycle of our caterpillars. From Monday, our butterflies finally started to emerge! Today, we had fun releasing them.

Jubilee party
I hope you all have a happy and healthy half-term with family and friends. Don’t forget to send us photographs of what you get up to. See yo all on Monday 06 June for your final half-term in Reception.