Living and Learning: Friendships

Monday 20 June 2022

We have been thinking about friendship. Why are friendships important  and what makes a good friend?    English | A Good Friend | WorldStories

We discussed that it is likely most people will have different
types of friends—some will be ‘close’ friends (or family) and others might be ‘acquaintances’ or people we know…but less well.

After suggesting who our friends are, we then thought very carefully about  ‘online friends’. Are these people really your friends?

No, they are strangers.

You can’t trust them.

They could be anywhere in the world.

This led us to a conversation about the safety rules when having contact with someone online and the importance of talking to a trusted adult if you are worried about something you have read or seen online.
Did you know that most social media and gaming sites have a minimum age of 13?

Share these questions with you child at home?

Name three qualities of a good friend?

How are you a good friend?

Is it ok to fall out?

Are people we meet online, friends?

What would you do if you felt upset about a friendship?

Read the scenario below. What advice would you give Logan?    Boy With An Afl Ball Looking At Other Kids Playing - Kid Friends Png  Transparent, Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

Hey, I hope you can help me with this problem. I had some really great mates who I played football with at school and in the park. We always used to cheer each other on but recently I’ve noticed they don’t seem to want to include me in their teams. Yesterday, they even said I should just be ‘sub’ on the side-lines and after the game they didn’t really talk to me. I thought I was getting better at football and that it didn’t really matter anyway. Alex
is trying out for the school team and Clare and Sharma think they are the best. I feel really fed up and left out. Should I just give up on football and our friendship?