Harewood House

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Today, the children enjoyed a day out at Harewood House.

In the morning, we all loved meeting the famous Humboldt Penguins in their sanctuary. The classes learnt about how the penguins have adapted to their environment and what their diet consists of.

Following this, we strolled around the bird garden and found out lots of fascinating facts about the native birds of Harewood.

Research – Harewood HouseBird Garden – Harewood HouseNew Plans Hatching in the Bird Garden – Harewood HouseBird Garden – Harewood House

Ask your child about these birds. What can they remember?

We were amazed by some of the questions asked by the children and we also had a penguin expert among us!

Why are flamingos pink?

How long do penguins live?

What do parrots eat?

Are any of the birds dangerous?

How did these birds end up at Harewood House?

Before lunch, we took part in a penguin themed art activity. 

The children spent the afternoon (in the shade) sketching the house and the gardens. 

To round our super day off, the children spent time exploring in the adventure playground.

A hot, good day was had by all!