We are healthy!

Friday 08 July 2022

This week at nursery, we’ve been thinking about how we can keep ourselves healthy. On Tuesday, it was our Sports Day and the children had lots of fun taking part in all of the activities and races. The nursery staff were very proud of their achievements and we really appreciated all the support from parents. During the week, we’ve been making up our own games to keep us fit and we’ve also tried lots of different exercises under the trees in our outside area.

We’ve had many discussions about which types of food and drink help us to grow strong and which types are good for our teeth. There have been lots of new activities in the classroom to help us with our learning: we’ve cleaned and flossed pretend teeth, posted healthy foods into a large mouth and sorted foods into ‘healthy’ and ‘not so healthy’ categories. We’ve matched the correct prices to the fruit in our maths area and also played mini football in our small world area. Our home corner has been a healthy eating café.

At the end of our ‘healthy week’, we made fruit kebabs and the children exercised their fine-motor skills by cutting their own bananas and threading pieces of fruit onto paper straws. Hopefully, everyone will be feeling fit and healthy on Monday as it’s the penultimate week of this academic year!

As the temperatures are set to soar, please remember to send your child to school with a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream. It would really help our staff if sun cream could be applied before the start of the day and then we can help the children to top it up during the day.

Many thanks.