09 September 2022

Friday 09 September 2022

Vocabulary is the focus of this week’s Talk Time.

We’ve just begun a new Science topic and with it comes new Science vocabulary.

This half-term, we’re all biologists, learning specifically about Living Things and their Habitats. Here’s a list of key words that are being learnt and applied as part of our learning. Over the half-term, practise using these words with your child.

Years 1 and 2 Biology vocabulary:

alive a living thing; not dead
dead no longer alive
habitat the place where an animals or plant lives
basic needs the things that a plant or animal need to live
food chain shows who eats who in a habitat.
predator An animal that hunts and eats other animals
prey An animal that is eaten by another animal

Years 3 and 4 Biology vocabulary:

vertebrate an animal with a backbone
invertebrate an animal without a backbone
warm-blooded animals that can control their body temperature (birds and mammals)
cold- blooded animals that cannot control their body temperature; their body temperature changes with the air or water temperature (all animals except birds and mammals)
organism a living thing, animal or plant
insect an invertebrate with six legs
classification key a set of questions about the characteristics of organisms; used to identify a living thing or decide which group a living thing belongs to.
environmental danger something that can threaten a habitat

Years 5 and 6 Biology vocabulary:

taxonomy The science of naming, describing and classifying organisms
organism a living thing, animal or plant
kingdom The highest division in the classification system; there are five kingdoms (animals, plants, fungi, protists, monera)
flora Living things that are plants
fauna Living things that are animals
bacteria Single-celled organisms; most or which can only be seen with a microscope
fungi Organisms that can feed on the remains of other living things; can be single-celled or multi-celled (eg mushroom, yeast, mould)
micro-organism An organism that can only be seen through a microscope

Some of these words have been introduced already this week but there may be others that are going to be covered in the coming weeks.