Latin: Salvette Omnes! Hello Everyone!

Saturday 01 October 2022

Year 4 are enjoying learning Latin and it is a brilliant way to support their literacy skills.  The children have been exploring connections between Latin and English grammar and vocabulary.

Meet Minimus!

St Peter's Catholic Primary School - LanguagesIn our last lesson, the children learnt how to say “I am” in Latin and found out more about the family who live at Vindolanda.

In pairs, the class had a go at acting out the story in Latin. One person was Minimus and the other was the person he was talking to.

Act out the comic strip with your child. Can they tell you the meaning of the phrase Quis es?


Can you think of English words that come from the Latin words “mater” and “pater”?

The unexpected benefits of learning Latin for children — Sompting Abbotts