History Topic – The Great Fire of London

Friday 07 October 2022

This week, we have been learning about Samuel Pepys. We thought about why he was so important to the people of London during the fire. The children were all very enthusiastic and could explain their thoughts.

“He went to the king and asked him for help. The king ordered the houses to be pulled down. This helped save some of London.”

We also talked about why Samuel Pepys is important to people wanting to learn about The Great Fire of London.

“His diary helps us to know what happened!”

“His diary gave us lots of information about The Great Fire of London.”

“Told us what people had to do to get away from the fire.”

After, Year 1 and 2 worked together to read some different scenarios and they had to decide what they would do in each situation.

“I would get all my gold and dig a hole and bury it, then I would leave.”

“I would wake up my family up really quickly and go out of our house, hide our things and go to a new, safe place.”

“I would see if anyone needed my help to try and stop the fire.”

Challenge: Why not read a scenario to your child and see if they can tell you what they would do and why.