Super Sentences

Thursday 20 October 2022

Year 4 having been working hard with their writing. To compliment our History learning about Ancient Greece, the children had to put themselves into the shoes of a Greek Warrior and write a recount.

What is a recount?

A recount is written in the past tense about events that have happened. Examples of texts that are recounts include: diaries, an account of a school event or trip out, an historical account of events, letters and postcards, newspaper articles and retelling well-known stories. The class enjoyed listening to the children’s author Michael Rosen who gave us his top tips on how to write an engaging recount.

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We had some fantastic, descriptive sentences and accurate use of adverbs and prepositions. After editing their work, some of the children enjoyed reading their recounts to the rest of the class. This was a good opportunity to focus on some of our oracy targets: to read with volume and prosody. Can your child tell you the definition of the word prosody?

Here’s a selection of our work.

After that, I went to the market which was taking place between four statues. These had been carefully sculptured by our citizens.  Noah

Finally, I felt happy because I was home.  Adrian

The Parthenon towered high above me.  Summer

Patiently, I stood waiting on the boat.  Evie

As I walked carefully up the steep steps, I saw a gold statue in front of the building.  Amelia

As I walked up the hill, I spotted my best friend soaring high above. Gracefully, he landed on my arm.  Kamile

The boat drifted gently across the sea. It was taking me home.  Lilly

As I approached Athens, I felt joyful to see my homeland.  Murielle

Proudly, I stood on the dusty path watching the people around me.  Ashton

In front of me stood eleven, magnificent columns. Sadly, I thought about my friends who had been lost in the war.  James

Standing on the step, I studied the statues which stood proudly shining in the sunlight. War can take its toll on a man!   Ralph

Well done, Year 4!