Friday 06 January 2023

Happy New Year! As you may already know, our new Topic is all about Geography. We are learning about ‘The streets around our school’.

Today, we learned about human and physical features of the environment. A human feature is something man-made, built by a human. A physical feature is a natural part of our world. We went on a walk around the school grounds to look.

Some human features.

A physical feature.

We found some plants and discussed if they would be a human or physical feature.

‘They might be a human feature because a person would have had to plant it.’

‘It is part of nature so it could be a physical feature.’

Our learning also links to our RE topic – how can we look after our planet? We spent some time today discussing our favourite features of the school and whether they were physical or human features.


Help at home:  look out for and discuss human and physical features on your way to school. Talk about which features you like and why.