Living and Learning: drug education

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Recently, in our Living and Learning sessions, we’ve been thinking about drug education.

‘Some drugs can be harmful’.

‘Some drugs can help us get better when we are unwell’.

We’ve been developing our understanding of the drugs that can help us get better. Usually, they are called medicines and we would receive them from a doctor or a chemist. Even though they are drugs to make us feel better, we know we must be safe and let an adult help. There are also some medicines which we don’t need from a doctor, such as sleep or rest.

‘They should go to the doctor to get some eardrops’.

‘A trusted adult should help them take the eardrops’.

‘They should have some Calpol from an adult and go to the doctor if it gets worse’.

‘They need to rest’.

‘They won’t need to go to the doctor but they can put a plaster on it’.

‘Wash their hands’.