Science: waterproof or absorbent?

Wednesday 25 January 2023

In our Science lessons, we’ve been exploring everyday materials such as wood, metal, plastic and fabric. This week, we’ve thought about paper and the ability to soak up water.

We performed a simple test, pouring some water onto different types of paper. If the paper soaked up water, this means that it is absorbent. If the paper didn’t soak up water, it was waterproof.

We found out that kitchen roll is absorbent, which is why it is good for cleaning up mess! We also found out that the greaseproof paper was waterproof, which is why it is good for cooking.

We talked about the wrapping paper being waterproof. However, Miss Kay had brought in three different types of wrapping paper to share. We found out that not all wrapping paper is waterproof!