Geographers: exploring world issues

Wednesday 01 February 2023

In geography, Year 5/6 have been researching some issues happening in different parts of the world as a result of climate change. This week, we’ve been learning about the issue of rising sea levels and how it is affecting people in the Solomon Islands.

What we found out came as quite a surprise for all of us. A really powerful, engaging lesson led us to reflect on the issue of climate change and how it can affect people/things we don’t see in our normal, everyday lives. One of our geographical concepts (interdependence) has been discussed at length this week. We understand the paths someone could take as a result of what we’ve learnt. Here are some examples:

The children have been so engaged in this topic, they are even asking to stay in at play time to learn more!

Here’s an example of some notes taken during our lesson on the rising sea levels in the Solomon Islands.

Help at home:
Give your child further opportunity to reflect on this learning. How does it make them feel? Why do they feel this way? Ensure your child does not feel responsible for what we’ve seen in the Solomon Islands – this is a global issue over a long period of time. Discuss paths you could take moving forward (if your child wishes to).