Living and Learning: I know I should treat others respectfully when online

Friday 03 February 2023

Next week, our Living and Learning will be based around internet safety. To start this off, Dave from D:Side came to talk to us about staying safe online. We had a look at  some of the games we have heard of, and the symbols on the games that mean there is something inappropriate for our age.

We thought about who we shouldn’t and shouldn’t speak to online. Dave taught us that people might not always be to they claim online. It’s fine for us to talk to our friends and family member who we already know.  However, it’s not safe to accept requests from people we don’t know.

Years  3 and 4 were great at recognising which private information we should never give out online. To stay safe, we should make up a username rather than using our real one.

We were given some different scenarios of photographs and thought about if it is safe to post online. We think it’s safe to post photographs of a new pet, but it’s not appropriate to share photographs that give away out personal information. This includes anything that shows who we are and where we live. Aubrey, sensibly suggested that if we want to share photos of our friends we need to ask their consent.

We got to be detectives and guess the password based on clues about what people like.

Why not as your child what they enjoyed about our internet safety talk? Can they remember what we need to do to create a strong password?