Living and Learning: Staying safe online

Friday 03 February 2023

Today, we had a workshop all about how to keep safe online. We learnt that when we use the internet there are 3 important rules to follow:

  1. Always ask parents first
  2. Only talk to people you know
  3. Stick to places that are just right for you

Here are some of our comments on how to keep safe online:

“You can go on YouTube kids to watch videos,” said Elijah.

“Don’t wear your school uniform on a video as strangers will see the school logo,” said Ethan.

“If it has an 18 on, you can’t play it if you are under 18,” said Gabriel.

“Don’t click on pop ups as it may be a trick ,” said Leo.

“Always ask a teacher if you’re not sure and need help on an iPad,” said Busby.

“Grown ups have rules to keep us safe,” said Lily.