Living and Learning: I know that people should treat others respectfully when online.

Tuesday 07 February 2023

Today has been internet safety day! In Year 4, we continually refer to online safety throughout the year – not just for one day.

This morning, the class had a discussion about online games and we looked at some guidance about age ratings. Lots of the children were unaware that some of the games they play are inappropriate and rated at much higher age groups.

The game Fortnite, which is very popular, is recommended for young people aged  13 and up. This is because of its action violence and open chat options. Chat to your child about the games they play online. Discuss why there are age restrictions and what the word ‘appropriate‘ means.

Following this discussion, the class were able to explore the ‘thinkuknow‘ website. This site provides resources and information for children and young people aged 4 – 18, their families and professionals who work with them. Check this out with your child. There’s a lot of information for parents, too!

Our fluency text links to our Living and Learning and it is below for you to read with your child.

Monday 6 February 2023

LO: fluency (Living and Learning – Consent – book on display in classroom)                Consent (for Kids!): Boundaries, Respect, and Being in Charge of You: 9780316457736: Books

Consent means giving someone a choice about touch or actions and respecting their answer.         

Consent (for Kids) is an empowering introduction about how to respect yourself and others. Consent is like being ruler of your own country…population: YOU. Readers will learn about boundaries and how to set them; ways to respect themselves and others; what to do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe; and much more.

Finally, the children created images of themselves and surrounded them with ideas of how to stay safe online.