Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 07 February 2023

Today, we have been celebrating at safer internet day.

This morning, we heard about Lee and Kim who learned that not everyone is who they say they are online and that we should keep our personal information to ourselves. We learned what personal information was and why it was important to keep it safe. We wrote on a padlock the things that we should keep private.

Later, we heard all about a new creature: a penguin pig! Only, we learned the little girl who found out about the penguin pig found out that it wasn’t a real creature at all. We learned that not everything we read online is true and that we should check with an adult if we’re not sure. We created our own creatures to help us remember that not everything we read online is true.


This afternoon, we met with Year 1. We shared our knowledge of being safe online through a game we played together. When we rolled the dice and landed on the HELP square, we had to pick up a situation card and discuss what we’d do to stay safe.


We ended the day by thinking of three top tips for staying safe online. 

Help at home by asking your child their top tips and sticking to them.