Living and Learning: I recognise emotions in myself and others

Wednesday 22 February 2023

This week in Living and Learning, we were looking at recognising emotions in myself and others.

We started with 6 words: kind, unkind, fair, unfair, right, and wrong. We heard different scenarios and moved to the word we felt summed up the scenario. Often, we could have gone to more than one word or children thought differently about the different people in the scenario.

We read the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We heard how we could fill someone else’s bucket with the actions we do and the words that we say. We created our own bucket thinking about what we can do to help fill someone else’s bucket.

Help at home: encourage your child to think about their emotions and to label how they are feeling. See if they can fill your bucket or another family member’s bucket with their actions or words.