What have we been learning about in Year 2?

Wednesday 01 March 2023

There’s been some fantastic learning happening in class recently. We wanted to share some of it with you…

Reading: learning to use a dictionary!

We’ve recently been exploring a poem called The Three Little Kittens by Eliza Lee Follen in our reading lessons – you may have seen this on our homework sheet! There were some new vocabulary words that we weren’t sure about, so we used a dictionary to help us learn the definitions of sigh, fear and soil. We know that dictionaries can help us spell words and look up meanings of words we are curious about. We use our knowledge of the alphabet when looking for words in dictionaries.

Maths: doubling numbers!

We’ve been making fantastic progress with our multiplication and division learning in Maths. We’ve recently learned to multiply and divide by 2. Our knowledge of the 2x tables helps us with doubling numbers. We used Numicon and mirrors to help us with our doubling learning!