Writing: persuasion

Tuesday 21 March 2023

This week, we’ve started to think about persuasion in our Writing lessons. To write persuasively means to encourage someone to change their thinking through writing a letter, email or even a speech.

We were really shocked when we came into school and couldn’t use our book corner!

Don’t throw us on the rug! STOP putting us away in the wrong place! Don’t rip the pages – it hurts!

Our challenge this week is to work together to write persuasively to encourage the books to let us read them again.

“If we don’t have books, how will we learn to love reading?

“Do you not enjoy being read by us?

“Reading is good for your mind because it takes you into new and imaginative worlds!”

We talked about how exclamatory (!) and question (?) sentence types can persuade someone to change their thinking. We also talked about the use of because and if to make the audience think.

Help at home by encouraging your child to think persuasively to help them with their writing. Perhaps they could persuade you to read an extra bedtime story or to go to the park!