Working Scientifically

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Asking questions is a very important part of thinking like a scientist and many scientific investigations begin with a question. As part of their Nappy Challenge,’ the children have been exploring some scientific questions and how they could answer these.

How much liquid can a disposable nappy absorb became our BIG scientific question and the children carried out a comparative test to find out the answer.
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First, we weighed the dry nappy.
Then, we made our predictions.








Wow, the liquid is soaking in!

I can’t believe how much liquid a nappy can absorb!

My prediction was quite accurate.

You can see the liquid being absorbed.

The more liquid we poured, the heavier the nappy became.

As we poured 600mls, we observed how the liquid was beginning to collect on the surface of the nappy. This would irritate a baby’s delicate skin.

Slowly, we poured in some liquid 100ml at a time. A good scientist observes what happens.
The liquid was absorbed into the nappy.
The nappy became VERY heavy!


It felt damp but not really wet. The liquid is absorbed to protect a baby’s skin.

Discuss this with your child. Can they explain the answer to the scientific question? What did they find out? Were they surprised by the result?