Persuasive writing

Thursday 30 March 2023

Yesterday, when the children came to school, they noticed all their chairs had gone! They soon found out that the chairs had gone on strike as they were fed up of not being sat on properly amongst other reasons.

The children had to write a letter to the chairs to persuade them to come back. We shared some of our ideas before writing our letters.

Please come back chairs because you help us to relax and also we like you.

Please come back because if you are here we won’t have to sit on our knees and you help us to concentrate.

Where have you gone?

Please come back so you can help us to do our neatest handwriting.

Suddenly, there was a BANG BANG BANG on the classroom door so we rushed to see who it was!

One of the chairs had come to hear our persuasive writing to see if we could persuade the chairs to come back!

After listening to us, the chairs decided they would return. We were all very happy!