We are physicists!

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Physics is the study of forces and energy and this half term Year 4 are being physicists in their science. The main focus of the sessions will be forces and magnets.

On Monday, the class learnt what a force is and explored different forces. What is a force?

A force is an action that changes or maintains the motion of a body or object. Simply stated, a force is a push or a pull. Forces can change an object’s speed, its direction, and even its shape. Pushing a door open, pulling it closed, stretching a rubber band—all of these actions require force.
Facts About Force: Push and Pull (All You Need to Know!)
Outside, the children investigated which forces they used for different actions.
I am PULLING myself up the ladder.
I have to TWIST to move the hoop.
I PUSHED the ball into the net.
I PUSHED my body off the ground.

Help at home.

A push, pull and twist are all contact forces. Discuss this with your child. Can they tell you why the word contact is used to describe the force?

Explore these forces at home and please send in any photos of your child doing this task. We love to celebrate extra learning done at home!