We are biologists!

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Biologists study living things, including people, animals, and plants. This half term, Year 1 and 2 will be studying plants.

On Tuesday, we began looking at the different things plants need to grow. We have created an experiment looking at what an onion bulb needs to grow.

We planted four onion bulbs in different conditions.  

We have four environments for our bulbs to grow:

  1. no light, no soil, no water
  2. no water, no soil
  3. no soil
  4. water, light, soil

After we’d planted them, we made predictions on which bulb we thought would grow the best or wouldn’t grow. Each week, we will be observing our bulbs to see which are growing.

Help at home

Explore plants that you have in the garden or that you see on your walk to school. Observe how plants change over time and talk about what things they need to grow and survive.