Carnival Music Day

Friday 28 April 2023

We were so excited to be able to meet Dave who came to do a workshop with us around our new history topic, carnivals!

We started by doing some call and response using clapping. We learnt we had to have group cohesion to ensure we were all clapping at the same time and could really feel the rhythm we were creating by using our bodies.

Dave taught us about the instruments used by the Yoruba tribe in West Africa. This tribe were invaded by European countries and transported as slaves to the Caribbean. This was known as the Transatlantic Slave Trade. We will be learning more about this in the upcoming weeks.

The Drums were hollow so the sound can vibrate and get out of the bottom. Tight rope is used to hold the top in place which is made from goat skin.

We learnt the best way to hit a drum so we did not hurt ourselves.

After splitting into four groups, we used our drums in different ways to create a thunder storm.

We then looked at some serdo drums which were much larger and much deeper.

In the afternoon, we created a performance for the whole school using different instruments. Check out our performance here.