15 September 2023

Friday 15 September 2023

Our whole school homework this week is:

Reading: please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis.

Number fact fluency: Use NumBots or Times Table Rock Stars in regular short bursts.

Talk Time

This week’s Talk Time homework links to our current Geography topic, ‘Where in the world am I?’.

I can talk about my local area.

We encourage you and your child to go out and explore as part of this task. Be sure to find safe spaces to pause and reflect on the surrounding area.

Refer to these ‘Remember 2s’ (R2s) when discussions are taking place:

You might wish to use these ideas as a starting point for your discussions:

This Talk Time is all about critical thinking. Your child might find it quite easy to talk positively about their local area. They may find it trickier to talk about aspects of the local area that they don’t like. Remind your child that it is okay to say that there are things they don’t like so long as they remain respectful and polite.

Skills developed in this Talk Time can help your child with other areas of learning, too. As part of your child’s daily reading, you could prompt your child to talk critically about a character or a part of the book that could be improved.

Additionally or alternatively, you might like your child to consider our current Christian value…

At St James’ CE Primary School, we learn about Christian values that help us to become well-rounded citizens in society. The values are woven into our everyday school life. Each half term, we have a new Christian value that will be embedded into our collective worship and our reflection areas.

This half term, our Christian Value is perseverance.

I can describe situations when I’ve shown perseverance.

Perseverance closely links to resilience which is one of our 8Rs for learning. For a great definition of resilience and to find out more about the 8Rs, follow the link below:


Perseverance is a useful skill for people of all ages. Everyone will encounter things that they find difficult. Your child will probably be able to relate to having to keep going with at least one of the following: