Living and Learning – I use the 8 R’s to help me learn.

Sunday 17 September 2023

Years 5 and 6 have had a fantastic second week back at school. Pupils’ behaviour and general attitude to learning has been brilliant – I can already see children making serious improvements across many subjects!

On Monday, we had our first official living and learning ‘circle time’. In this session, we get and give the opportunity for all pupils to have a voice and to listen to others. For this session, our focus was using resilience in our lives, which suits with our Christian value this half-term (perseverance), too.

All pupils responded really well and provided advice for others to overcome and succeed in different scenarios. I have since seen pupils using resilience, and many more of our 8 R’s, in school time.

Help at home:

Have conversations with your child on things they may be finding tricky in and out of school. See if you, or they, can come up with some solutions to tackle this issue by using our 8 R’s.

Pupils have also had their first set of homework sent home. Please complete the following with your child: