The Big Book of Families

Friday 22 September 2023

The children have had another fantastic week settling into Reception, they’ve really begun to make some lovely friendships and have continue to learn our daily routines. We’ve had lots of fun exploring and learning this week- we’re so proud of them!

A big Thank you to all the grown-ups who came to our ‘Welcome to Reception’ meeting on Wednesday. It was fantastic to see so many of you! Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This week the children have learnt the phonemes (the sounds a letter makes) i, n, m and d. The children have been listening to and saying words that begin with these phonemes. They have also been practicing writing the graphemes (the written letter).

Poetry Basket

Each week we will be learning a new poem. We will recite the poem each day. By saying the poem out loud we can focus on the sounds and rhythm of each word or line.

Our first poem is Chop Chop.

Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop.

Cut off the bottom and cut off the top.

What there is left, we put in the pot.

Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop.

I am sure your child will enjoy reciting and performing it for you, they have done so well learning it in school.

Super Subitising

This week we have been practicing our subitising skills. This means, we have been looking and saying how many objects we can see – without counting one by one! Ask your child how many spots they can see by subitising.


Thank you so much for the family photos already sent in, the children have really enjoyed sharing their home experiences with their friends! We have been reading ‘The Big Book of Families’ where we have talked about how different families can look.

Help at home

Today, your child has come home with a ‘learn at home’ phonics sheet. The sheets link to our current learning in phonics and will be sent home each Friday. Please support your child by practising their new sounds and reading skills at home. Your child will also be coming home with their reading diary and information explaining how to log on to the ebook, your child’s personal log in details are stuck inside the front cover, under the dinosaur! They will be visiting the school library next week to pick a reading for pleasure book to bring home too.


We will be doing PE on Monday, so please send your child to school wearing their PE kit and trainers. They will stay in this all day.

Stay and Learn Sessions

This is an opportunity for you to come into school to find out about the Early Years Curriculum and watch your child Learning in school.

Phonics Phase 2- 12.10.23- 8.50am-9.30am

Maths- 15.11.23 2.20pm-3.00pm

Phonics Phase 3- 16.1.24 2.20pm-3.00pm

Early Writing- 05.02.24 2.20pm-3.00pm

World Book Day 07.03.24 -8.50am-9.20am

Learning Journey Drop In’s

An opportunity to “drop into” school and share your child’ learning journal with them.

Times- 8.45am-9.15am and 3.15pm-3.45pm (Tuesday and Thursday)

Week beginning 11.12.23

Week beginning 25.03.24

Week beginning 08.07.24

Don’t forget to email your pictures from home thank you, have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Kendrew, Mrs. Rippon and Miss. Feldman