Topic: Seas surrounding the UK and maps

Thursday 28 September 2023

We’re really enjoying our Geography topic. We’ve enjoyed using an atlas to locate and name the four seas surrounding the UK.

Help at home: Can your child name the four seas surrounding the UK? (Irish Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea)

We’ve also used Google Earth to help us understand what a map is and we’ve looked at some examples of maps to help us learn how to read a map key.

We looked at a map and used the key provided to answer the questions. We then added some of our own symbols to the key and thought about why maps are useful.

Help at home: Talk with your child about how maps are useful to help us to keep safe? What should you do if you were lost and you didn’t have a map? Here are some of the responses we talked about in class.

“They show you where to go to keep you safe. Like where the hospital or fire station is.”

“They help you if you are lost!”

“You could ask someone around you for help (if there is someone to ask).”

“You should stay where you are and your grown-ups will come and find you.”