Maths: Less than, greater than, equal to

Monday 09 October 2023

Today, the children have been introduced to the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols when comparing numbers.

The class have moved on from describing whether there are “fewer”, “more” or the “same” number of objects to comparing numerical values using the vocabulary “less than”, “greater than” or “equal to” alongside the symbols <, > and =.

Greater than and Less than Symbols (songs, videos, games, worksheets,  examples, solutions, activities)

Top tip

The open end of the symbol always has the largest number next to it.

Greater Than, Less Than & Equal To Classroom Display Posters (3 posters) |  Teaching Resources👉 Greater Than, Less Than Crocodile Signs (Ages 4 - 7)

Using the images below, the class added the correct symbol accordingly.

MORE THAN, LESS THAN AND EQUALS- Worksheet Year 1 | Teaching Resources

Next, using conkers and lolly sticks, the class made up their own statements and recorded them in their books.

Help at home

Children may want to use the word “bigger” rather than “greater”. For consistency of language, encourage children to use the word “greater”. “Bigger” often refers to the size of an object rather than a number, for example a bigger teddy or a bigger slide.
Children may get the symbols mixed up. Using cubes and straws to physically make the symbols can help children to understand them.