Geography Fieldwork

Wednesday 18 October 2023

For the next park of our Geography learning, we ventured out of school to carry out some fieldwork in our local area.

Before fieldwork, geographers start with a question they want to find an answer to. Our question was “ What is the local ‘green’ space (Sandringham Park) used for and how could it be improved?

Wetherby Town Council owns and maintains most of the parks and open, green space recreational facilities in Wetherby, including Sandringham Park. Sandringham Park is a ‘Field in Trust’ green space which means
that it is protected so that it will be available for the people of Wetherby forever. However, this park is looking very tired and the council are planning to update it.

A green space is open-area reserved for parks and other “green areas”, including plant life, woodlands, water features other kinds of natural environment.
Our forest school is a green space,” commented Athena.

Together, we mapped the route from school to the park and then we discussed how we would stay safe whilst outside of school.

We will cross the road at the zebra crossing.  Daisy

We will stay with our partner.  Woody

Don’t walk too close to the road.  Ariella

Stay with your group and adult. Poppy

Concentrate and listen to instructions. – Alexa

The children spent some time looking around the green space. Then, in groups, the class asked and answered some questions.

1. Is there a playground? Yes, but it has been damaged. – Millie
2. Are there places to sit down? Yes, but I think there should be more picnic benches. – Oly
3. How many rubbish bins can you see? We counted 5 bins but there was lots of rubbish on the floor. – Ellis

4. Is there an area to walk dogs? Yes

5. Does the park have anything that keeps children and animals safe? Yes, there are railings around the playground and a gate. Dogs are not allowed into the paly area. – Harry

6. Why do you think the council want to change this green space? Because it is very unsafe and there is a lot of damage. People can’t enjoy it now!  Alfie

I think there should be swings for people who have to use wheelchairs. Everybody should be able to use the park. – Freddy

Sandringham Park playground.
“There are holes in the floor. This could be very dangerous for toddlers,” stated Wincent.

Help at home

Ask your child to tell you about their visit. Talk about why this space is being changed and who might use the new area. Should it be for young children and families? Or, should there be a skatepark for older children to enjoy?

Watch the BBC link about fieldwork together.