Help at home with phonics

Friday 20 October 2023

Please support your child to practise and reinforce the phonemes and graphemes we have been learning in our phonic sessions. More information and support can be found on the Little Wandle website –

Phonemes we focused on in school –
ai ee igh oa
oo ar or ur
oo ow oi ear

We have read and written these words. Add sound buttons.


tail feel right road
food bar born surf
down join near soap

We have read and written these sentences. Can you spot any tricky words? Can you read these sentences fluently?

The toads feel so cool.

The boot on my right foot is too hard.

I can see foxes in the car lights.

We can go down to the town on the bus.

We have practised tricky words. Can you spot the tricky part of the word?

We have spelt words. Can you write these words? Can you use the correct phonemes?