RE: Who was Saint James?

Tuesday 07 November 2023

Who was Saint James?

James the Apostle: Profile & Biography

The children have had a wonderful start to the half term. It has been lovely to see so many smiling faces returning to school ready for more learning.

On Monday, the children enjoyed finding out about Saint James. We researched  his life and discovered that Jesus trusted James to become one of His disciples.

We explored our school logo and discussed what the shells could represent. 

Help at home

Ask your child to tell you what they have learnt about Saint James. Share the information below together and then ask your child the following questions.

James grew up by the ‘seaside’. That sea was Lake Galilee. He had a brother called John. They were known for having rows with each other and Jesus had a nickname for them: ‘the Sons of Thunder’. James had a mother called Salome and a father called Zebedee. James was a fisherman with his brother. Jesus went to meet James and he became one of the three disciples who were very close to Jesus, along with Peter and John. Jesus was preparing James to become a leader in the early church.Scallop Shell | St James The ApostleThe scallop shell of Saint James is believed to promote courage, strength and hope.

The children really enjoyed painting their own shells and these will be on display in our classroom.