The festival of light

Friday 17 November 2023

This week we explored the Hindu festival of light known as Diwali. The children got busy making their own Diva lamp, Menhdi patterns and using natural resources such as pumpkin seeds to create Rangoli.

It has also been World Nursery Rhyme Week!

This is a great way for the children to develop their listening and attention skills that will support them into becoming confident readers throughout school.

Here are some of the rhymes that we’re learning to sing:

Help at home: Listen to these Nursery rhymes and sing them together at home. Does your child have a favourite rhyme? Can you think of anymore? Let us know or send us an e-mail/video to

We’ve also been having lots of fun in our PE sessions recently. We’ve been exploring different ways of moving our bodies.

Like a Snake- Mia

Like my Puppy- Charlie

I can do a Caterpillar – Louie

What’s happening next week?

Focus story– Hovis the Hedgehog

Nursery rhyme of the week – I’m a little teapot

Sound of the week – P for Penguin


Parent Consultations

This week you will receive an email to book an appointment to discuss how your child has settled into nursery and their learning, plus an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns. 

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey