We are chemists!

Tuesday 05 December 2023

Our recent science lesson was all about melting and freezing water. The children held a piece of ice in their hands. They observed what happened to the solid over a short piece of time.

Our hands are warm but the ice is cold.  Olly

It is starting to drip.  Athena

Next, the class were shown some toys that had been frozen in ice.

How could the toys be released from the ice and what could we use?

– a hairdryer
– a blanket
– a pair of gloves

If we use a hairdryer, it might turn into a liquid.    Athena

We need to warm them up to become a liquid.    Kupa

The class concluded that adding some heat to the ice made it melt and become a liquid.

The vocabulary used in this lesson was;

Help at home

Make some ice cubes and then put them in different places to watch them melt. This is a great activity for learning about melting and freezing!

Discuss what makes ice melt and predict where the cubes would melt the fastest.