Living and Learning: I know what a drug is.

Tuesday 09 January 2024

Happy New Year to you all.

We have been so impressed with the all the children this week. They have returned to school with super learning attitudes.

In Living and Learning, the class learnt about things that can go into our bodies and onto our skin and how this can make people feel.

After drawing around one of the children and labelling the outline,  we thought about  all the different things that might go into or onto a person’s body.
What things might go into the mouth?
• What might go into the nose or ears?
• What things might go onto the skin?

Next, working in small groups, the children sorted picture cards according to whether the image shown was helpful or harmful, or whether some can be both helpful and harmful to our bodies.

Helpful: fresh air, water, sunscreen.

Harmful: smoke, berries from the garden may be harmful if we don’t know what they are or if they are safe to eat.

Both helpful and harmful: hygiene and cleaning products and medicines must be used safely otherwise they can be harmful; if someone eats too many sweets or drinks too much (fizzy drink) it can damage their teeth or make them feel ill; doctors and nurses use syringes to give injections that help bodies stay healthy but it is dangerous to pick up syringes if we see them lying on the ground.

Things that go onto bodies: make-up, clothes, moisturiser/cream, water, tattoos, hugs/kisses, sand, jewellery, animal hair/licks, smoke, plasters, bubbles, medicines

Things that go into bodies: food, water, fizzy drinks, sweets, medicines, fresh air, insect bites, injections, smoke

Help at home

It is important that young children begin to develop an understanding of drugs. Talk to your child about medicines – they’re helpful drugs, but only when used by the right people in the right way.

Here are a few scenarios for you to discuss with your child.

Amrit has eaten too much ice cream and is feeling a bit sick.
a. Eat more ice cream
b. Drink water and have a rest
c. Jump up and down
d. Something else?

Amrit’s skin has a rash — with little red spots.
a. Don’t tell anyone
b. Use some of mum’s face cream on it
c. Go with an adult to see a doctor
d. Something else?


Amrit has dropped a can of black sticky liquid in the shed — it is spilt on the floor.
a. Leave it
b. Clean it up
c. Tell an adult
d. Something else?

Amrit has fallen over and has a
grazed knee.
a. Wash it with water
b. Rub a leaf on it
c. Put washing-up liquid on it
d. Something else?
Some shampoo has gone in Amrit’s eye by accident at
bath time.
a. Wash the eye with water
b. Rub the eye
c. Hold a wet flannel on the eye
d. Something else?