History – Shopping in the past

Friday 12 January 2024

History is the focus of our topic learning this half term. During this topic, we will be ordering significant events in our lives and we’ll be discussing them using historical vocabulary.

Nostalgic photos celebrate life in Wetherby during the 1960sA Trip up through Wetherby Town Centre. 23rd Jan 2021 - YouTube

During this exciting topic, the children will discuss how significant things have changed over time: the food that we eat, the shops that we visit and how trade has changed. 

Below is the vocabulary that will be  learnt and referred to throughout the lessons.

past something that has already happened
present something that is happening now
ancient very old
modern the present day
similarity when something is the same
difference when something is different
sequence put in the correct order
trade the buying or swapping of products and services
timeline a list of important events arranged in order

Help at home by talking about what shopping was like when you were younger and ask grandparents for their memories too.

Have shops changed?

How were items paid for?