Science: We are biologists!

Wednesday 17 January 2024
In our current science learning, the children are biologists.  A biologist is a scientist who studies living things. Biologists try to understand the natural world and the things that live in it.
We are finding out all about animals by classifying, grouping and discovering what different types of animals eat.
Below, is the vocabulary that we will be using throughout our lessons.
animal a living creature
mammal an animal with hair or fur on its body
bird an animal with feathers, wings and a beak
fish animals that live in water and have fins and gills
amphibian an animal that lives on land and water
reptile an animal with dry scales on its body
carnivore an animal that eats other animals
herbivore an animal that eats plants
omnivore an animal that eats other animals and plants
The learning objective for our first lesson was to identify, classify and name mammals.
Help at home by asking your child the following questions.
  • What is a mammal?
  • Are all animals mammals?
  • Is a fish a mammal?

Find out more

Do some research as a family about mammals. Your child could draw pictures or diagrams and label them, visit a farm and photograph the mammals or simply use books and the internet to find out more.

Encourage your child to bring their home learning in to school to share with the rest of the class.