Getting creative with classical music

Thursday 01 February 2024

Each Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Bald teaches music with Year 1. The children have enjoyed listening to and exploring a new piece of music by a British composer named Gustav Holst.

The class watched and listened to Mars by Gustav Holst, a British composer.

Through this music, the composer is telling a story all about the planet, Mars. The children shared their thoughts and asked a few questions.

I wonder if Mars is big or small?

I wonder what is happening on Mars?

Using drums and other instruments, Year 2 were asked to play them in different ways such as a really smooth way or by drawing circles on the drum with their palms.

After listening to the piece of music again, the children thought about how they would travel to planet Mars.

Of course, by rocket!

We must prepare for take off!

3, 2,1 …………………….

Blast Off – ZTGD

Help at home by listening to Mars by Gustav Holst with your child and discuss the instruments that can be heard.