Gobble, gobble, munch, munch, SCRUNCH!

Saturday 03 February 2024

We’ve been busy as usual in nursery over the last two weeks. We’ve been getting our stomp on!

Over the last two weeks our focus story was ‘Dinosaur Roar‘ by Paul Strickland. The children enjoyed exploring our dinosaur swamp, creating dinosaur skeletons and retelling the story through simple pretend play using vocabulary and key phrases from the story.

My favourite was Dinosaur grumpy, I really enjoyed been able to show the children my grumpy face and voice! Which one did you like?

Forest School 

Some of our children have had the opportunity to attend forest sessions with Børn of the Forest. A place where they can explore, create and imagine within the natural world. We’ve made Stickman, dinosaurs and even helped care for our forest by litter picking. We also checked up on our hedgehog house and it looks like its made a nice little home for some very lucky hedgehogs.

This week sound/s was: ‘g’ for Goat ‘o’ for Octopus

Rhyme of the week: Row Row Row your boat and Ring ‘o’ ring ‘o’ roses

Help at Home: How many nursery rhymes do you know? Sing your favourite with your grown ups and make up your own actions. Singing nursery rhymes supports children with their listening and communication skills to prepare them for reading and writing as they get older.


We are running low on spare clothes. Early years would really appreciate if you would be able to donate any of the following items that you no longer need;

We hope you have a lovely weekend, here is a clue for next week’s learning. I wonder what it could be?

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey