Living and Learning: Being similar and being different

Thursday 29 February 2024

During our Living and Learning lesson, we thought about how we are all similar and how we are all different.

To help us to understand differences we enjoyed the story of Elmer the Elephant.

Though he might Elmer: 30th Anniversary Edition: 1 (Elmer Picture Books):  McKee, David: 9781842707319: Bookstemporarily want to be just like all the other grey elephants, Elmer realises that being his own colourful self is far more enjoyable – and everyone loves him, just the way he is.
It’s OK to be different.
I like being me.
There is no one else like me. I am special!
What is the moral of Elmer the Elephant?
Elmer the Elephant teaches us that everyone is unique and has something that sets them apart from everyone else, and that there’s no point in trying to hide or disguise this. We should embrace our differences and always be true to who we are.
Teacher's Pet » Elmer Poster - It's OK to be different
The children recreated their own version of Elmer and each one is DIFFERENT!
Help at home by chatting to your child about uniqueness. We are creating our own large Elmer in the classroom and your child can add details about themselves to a template of an elephant.
Printable Elmer The Elephant Template - Printable Templates Free
This can be images of hobbies, a self portrait or whatever they feel makes them who they are.
Please return the finished elephants to school so they can be added to the large template.