Viking Boy (Class Novel)

Friday 01 March 2024

This week, years 5 and 6 read  the thrilling finale of our well-loved class novel, Viking Boy.

This book has had us gripped from start to finish! We followed the life of Gunnar and his journey of resilience, growth and fulfilling his oath to his father. The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel as a class – we couldn’t believe the ending!

As we reviewed our novel, we reflected on the choices made and events that Gunnar went through during his adventure.

Here were some of the final comments from the children:

Help at home: Ask your child about the class novel and whether they enjoyed being read to. Use this knowledge to read with your child using different books that they enjoy. Take it in turns to listen to your child read, and to read to your child. This way, you can take some of the difficulties/stresses of learning away from the child by allowing them to totally relax and enjoy the story.