We love to read and rhyme!

Saturday 09 March 2024

This week we celebrated World Book Day!

Thank you to those who came and shared this day with us. The children thoroughly enjoyed becoming their favourite book character and engaging in some nursery rhyme activities.

We’ve also been enjoying our weekly forest school sessions. This week we found lots of mini-beasts. We counted how many snails we found and made comparisons between the length of our worms.

Quick question! How do we know the difference between a Snail and a Slug?

This week’s focus story has been ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Vivian French

What kind of vegetables did Grandpa grow in his garden? 

Why couldn’t Oliver see the potatoes ? 

Which vegetables would you like to try? 

The children enjoyed being able to practice their chopping skills. We chopped up some fruit and vegetables to add texture and scent to our playdough.

Help at home: Would your child like to help you cut up some vegetables to make tea? What vegetables do you already know and what could we make with them. For example, we know that potatoes can be made into chips, mash and Jacket’s.

This week sound/s was: ‘H’ for helicopter

Rhyme of the week: I’m a little teapot


Have a super weekend everyone!

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey