Maths: Grouping tens and ones

Monday 11 March 2024

Today, we have been looking at making groups of tens and ones. The children were asked to describe a number by the number of
tens and ones the number is made from.

The class used different representations of the tens and ones which were not always in place value order.
The children needed to count the number of groups of 10 and then
the ones to find the total.

. Base 10 Here there are 3 groups of ten and one 1 – 31

Using Base 10 is useful, as it gives children no option other than to count tens and ones, since they cannot split the ten apart.

Base 10 misconception 46 

Here the ones are pictured before the tens. Children need to still count the groups of ten first and then add on the ones.

Help at home by counting in tens. Try grouping objects into tens and ones. Can your child write the number correctly?

What numbers are represented below?

Exploring tens and ones

balloon clip art - Clip Art Libraryballoon clip art - Clip Art Libraryballoon clip art - Clip Art Library

Exploring 2-digit numbers by grouping in tens