Thursday 21 March 2024

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday

We have been learning about the significance of these three days in the Christian calendar. We have learnt about the crosses Christians use and what they represent. Yesterday our learning was supported by our whole school collective worship where Mrs Obbard handed each child a palm cross.

We have answered some difficult questions, such as – Would Mary call the day Jesus died Good Friday?

Here are some of the children’s responses:

No because it was her son that died not somebody else. And she was a kind mother to her son – Harper.

Yes she would because He gave his life for us – Leo S.

No as Mary will feel upset because Jesus was her son and he was badly treated people in Jerusalem – Madeleine.

Yes. She knows He did it for mankind and for taking away our sins – Tommy.

No. That would be a sad day for Mary because it was her son – Isla.

We have also made links to our own lives by thinking about the things that bring us joy, sadness and hope.