Mass in Maths

Tuesday 16 April 2024

This week, the children have been introduced to mass for the
first time. They started by holding different objects to compare them, using the language of “heavier” or “lighter”. Then, the class used balance scales
to check their comparisons and showed a good understanding that
the heavier object is lower on the balance scale.

Next, the children used a variety of resources (cubes, stones and sticks)  to measure the mass of an object.
The class learnt that when a scale is balanced, objects have the same mass.

The mass of my stone is equal to the mass of 10 sticks.  Vincent

The mass of the water bottle is equal to the mass of 9 cubes.  Malcolm

Help at home

Look at the websites below with your child. Collect items from around the home, or outside, to compare mass.