03 May 2024

Friday 03 May 2024

Our whole-school homework this week is:

Reading: please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis.

Number Fact Fluency: Use Numbots or Times Table Rock Stars in regular short bursts.

Talk Time

This week’s Talk Time poses an interesting question:

Should we only go on holidays in our country because long journeys are bad for the environment?

In our current Geography topic, we’re learning about a wide range of spaces and places across the globe.

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the environmental impact of long-distance travel. As people have become more aware of the impact that holidays and travel are having on our environment, a debate has emerged about whether individuals should limit their holidays to their own country to minimise environmental damage.

What is your opinion? Consider both sides of the argument and have a discussion with a parent/carer at home.

Remember to use the oracy skill ‘building on the views of others’ to frame your discussion. You may wish to use sentence stems such as:

I agree/disagree because…

Be ready to debate this topic in class next week.