Save the Whale!

Thursday 06 June 2024

Our theme this term is ‘Let’s make a splash!’

We started this week off with Julia Donalson’s, ‘The Snail and the Whale’

A beautiful tale of an unlikely friendship, a tour of the world and a heroic rescue!

We’ve been talking about the differences in the world around us, from the countryside to the seaside, we looked at some artwork and here’s what we thought…

We don’t have beaches at home but we have one outside in our garden’- Ella D

There is lots of grass- Oria

I like the seaside, I went on my holiday – Elliott

I love getting an ice-cream, with sprinkles and red sauce- Louie

It’s full of tree’s and big wall’s – Immy


After the half-term, the Caterpillars had finished growing in their cocoon and we’re ready to be released. We had 4 in total!

They spotted our wild flowers in the garden and went on the hunt for some delicious pollen.


Miss Ward, Miss Harvey and Miss Feldman