Living and Learning: I know the importance of permission (consent).

Friday 21 June 2024

This week, the children have learnt the PANTS Rule.

As a class, we discussed the difference between appropriate/‘good’ touch, and inappropriate/‘bad’ touch.
Our conversation led to positive and negative feelings linked to good/bad touch.

A good touch can be a hug or a kiss from a family member and this can make you feel happy.

Why might people touch you?

To show affection/love.

To keep you safe when crossing a road.

If you are poorly  and the doctor needs to check your body.

Next, we looked at the PANTS rule.
This is written as an acrostic poem to explain the main messages.

All of the children could name and label different parts of the body and curriculum guidance states that pupils aged 5-7 should know the terms
penis and vagina. We introduced this vocabulary in discreet terms when explaining that the pants region shouldn’t be touched.

We read each sentence and discussed  what each letter of PANTS stands for.
After this, the class designed their  own pants

Now's the time to Talk PANTS | PACEY

Help at home by watching this video, featuring a friendly mascot – Pantosauraus) with your child. His catchy song covers the main points of PANTS and is a good way to introduce the topic.

What can your child remember about the PANTS Rule?