Year 1 & 2 Class News

Handwriting Policy

Posted on Friday 18 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

In Year 1 and 2 we teach pre-cursive (year 1) and cursive writing (year 2). We suggested to many parents in parents evening that this would be a good thing to practise at home. Here is the handwriting policy to help you.


Posted on Thursday 17 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

Whilst transitioning to e-books your child has also been sent home a physical book to practice reading. Now that parents/children have been given sufficient time to adjust to e-books we will not be sending home a physical practice book to read. To practise reading at home your child will now use the e-books assigned using their Collins log in. Please get in touch if you are having trouble accessing e-books at home.

Internet Safety Talk

Posted on Wednesday 16 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

Sponsored number challenge

Posted on Monday 14 February 2022 by Miss Beatson

Tomorrow, all children will be taking part in our first sponsored number challenge for our school charity- RSPCA. Be sure to practise your child’s number facts so they’re ready to take on the challenge! Please can we have all sponsorship money handed in by Friday 18 February. Thank you for your support.

This week’s bible story

Posted on Sunday 13 February 2022 by Mrs Rowley

The son who left home continued: Luke 15: 11-32

This half term, our bible story that Jesus told was about the son who sold his share of his father’s farm he was to inherit and went off to the city intending to enjoy himself. You will also remember that, in the end, he decided it was a big mistake and went back home to beg his father’s forgiveness. Much to his surprise, his father forgave him completely and even threw a party for him. That’s where we left the story last time, but Jesus did not end it there – he also talked about the eldest son, who had stayed at home.

Read the story of the Lost son continued.



Consider the feelings of the father, the eldest brother and the younger brother at each stage of the story.

How many things related to our homes and families do we often take for granted? 


Father God,
Help us to share gladly in the success of others.
When someone does well, may we be happy to congratulate them.
When someone falls, help us to comfort them.
Forgive us when we take things for granted and help us to appreciate all the good things we have.

Living and learning – staying safe

Posted on Friday 11 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

This week, our living and learning statement is –  I can assess my own risks.

We started by looking at the definitions of the words danger and safe.

What is danger? A cause of harm or injury

What is safety? Keeping free from harm or danger

The children were shown a risk ladder and had to sort activities based on their level of risk.

This led to some lovely discussions all around what is a low risk, medium risk or high risk.

“I think answering the telephone is a medium to high risk because you might not know who it is. You should let a grown up answer the phone,” said Emily.

“I think going online is a high risk because someone might try to talk to you when they shouldn’t. We shouldn’t tell our name or address to anyone online,” said Christian.

“I think taking a bath is low risk if your grown up is there to keep you safe,” said Beau.

“I think helping an adult in the kitchen is low risk because they are there to watch and help you,” said Shae.

At the end of the session we came up with 5 top tips to keep safe at home.

  1. Always ask a grown up for help when cooking in the kitchen.
  2. Never touch a hot oven.
  3. Tidy your toys so you or your family don’t trip over them.
  4. If you need to use scissors, never run with them, only walk and hold them by their sharp end.
  5. Always ask a grown up if you can go online and never give out your personal information.

Science – Online Safety

Posted on Thursday 10 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

In Science, we used the iPads to research the answer to some questions that we came up with, that were related to our topic – Seasonal Changes.

The two questions that the year 1 children were investigating were:

How many days are there in a season? 

How does one season change into another?

In groups they worked together to find the answers.

The Year 2 children had their own iPad to research the answer to their questions. We had some great questions:

What season is it in Australia now?

Can leaves change colour in summer?

How many leaves are falling from the trees now?

We read these top tips before going online and discussed how the lock at the front of the url meant it was a safe website to access.



Safety Week

Posted on Thursday 10 February 2022 by Mrs Palmer

This week, we have had a few different visitors into school to talk to us about how to keep safe in different situations.

On Monday, we had a visit from the the firefighters. We talked about ways to stay safe at home and what their job involved  when they were called out to help people in need.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from the dogs trust. We found out about all the great work that the Dog’s Trust do to care for and rehome dogs.

It was interesting to learn about a day in the life of a dog at the centre.

We also got taught some great ways to keep safe around dogs to make us and the dog feel safe when playing, feeding or stroking a dog.

Did you know the dogs at the Dog’s Trust even go to dog school?

They learn tricks and skills to help them become great pets for their new owners.

Today we had a visit from LCC road safety team. We were taught the Green Cross Code (think, stop, look and listen). We practised crossing an imaginary road safely, using the actions.

To help us when we are out near a road we were taught some top tips.

  1. Wear bright coloured clothing
  2. Make sure you are with an adult
  3. If possible, cross where there is a crossing e.g. pelican crossing.

Challenge: Can your child remember the Green Cross Code?

Sponsored Number Challenge 2022!

Posted on Tuesday 08 February 2022 by Mrs Valentine

This year, we’re taking on a sponsored number challenge to raise money for our school charity, the RSPCA.

On Tuesday 15th January, everyone in school will be tasked with completing a number challenge. Children can be sponsored per correct answer or a full amount just for taking part!

Check out the video to find out more info!

Get sponsoring! Let’s raise as much money as we can for the RSPCA!

This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 07 February 2022 by Mrs Rowley

Jesus is friends with Zacchaeus: Luke 19: 1-10

Have you ever heard the story of Burglar Bill – Bill goes out every night. Getting into houses through open windows and taking things. Until one night, Bill found a baby, and that changed his whole life …

There is a Bible story about a man who stole from other people. He took extra money when he gave them their tax bills and became very rich on all the money that he stole. Zaccheus was a little man and that small people can’t see in crowds. Read the story of Zacchaeus to find out what happened to him.



Jesus loved everyone when he lived on the earth. It didn’t matter how bad people were, Jesus was always there for those who needed him. This is true for us too – no one is so bad that God doesn’t love them. And the more time we spend with God – praying, thinking about him, finding out about him, the more we want to be like Jesus; kind, helpful and good. Just like Zacchaeus, Burglar Bill changed his ways and tried to be more like Jesus by loving those around him.



Dear God,

Thank you that Jesus loved Zacchaeus even when he wasn’t making the right choices. Help us to love all of those around us.