Year 3 & 4 Class News

What a fantastic start to the new school year

Posted on Tuesday 07 September 2021 by Mrs Freeman

It has been an absolute pleasure to begin to get to know the children in Year 3/4. They have come into school with smiles on their faces and ready to learn. The children’s attitudes have been positive and their manners exemplary. I’m really looking forward to getting to know each and every child as time goes on.

Please feel free to speak with Mrs Welsby or myself should you need to. We are around at the start and end of the day.

Class Novel

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

Today, the class were introduced to their new class novel.

Using just the information given in the blurb, the children used their predicting skills to interpret Podkins appearance. Then we created some quick sketches on our whiteboards.

The Five Realms: The Legend of Podkin One-Ear: Kieran Larwood: Larwood, Kieran, Wyatt, David: 9780571328260: Books

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear: Kieran Larwood : Larwood, Kieran, Wyatt,  David: Books

We are all very excited to find out what happens in the book.


Welcome back to school!

Posted on Sunday 05 September 2021 by Mrs Welsby

We hope you’ve all had a happy and healthy summer break. We’re both looking forward to seeing you all and hearing your news.

Below is a list of key points to remember:

  • Mrs Freeman will be working on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.
  • Mrs Welsby will be working on  Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.
  • Mrs Walton will be with us all week.
  • Please ensure your child has a coat (named) every day.
  • Water bottles can be brought into school and can be refilled throughout the day.
  • PE is on a Tuesday and a Friday. Your child should come to school in PE kit on those days. They will remain in their kit for the whole day.
  • The school uniform policy is on our website. Please check if you are unsure about any items of clothing or footwear.
  • If you have come across any reading books or library books, please bring them back into school.
  • PLEASE put your child’s name in their jumpers, cardigans and coats!
  • School starts at 08:50, so see you then!

Please do ask  if you have any queries.

Mrs Freeman and Mrs Welsby

Animal Day

Posted on Tuesday 20 July 2021 by Mrs Welsby

We had great fun today raising money for charity by dressing up as animals.

We made masks (and tails) and revised our knowledge about different animal groups.

Times Tables Rockstar Champions

Posted on Friday 16 July 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Well done to all of you for completing a week of home learning. We hope you’ve had a productive week and managed to get into your gardens for some fresh air and exercise.

An extra well done to those children who have been practising their times tables on Times Tables Rockstars. The following children are our Times Tables Rockstar champions!

Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 14 July 2021 by Mrs Welsby

We are half way through our self-isolating and I know that some of you have been working really hard. Many people have been doing the on-line lessons as well as the zoom lessons with me. If you have difficulty getting onto the zooms, you can ring school and ask for some paper copies to keep you going.

In fluency, we used our vocabulary from the text to put into our own sentences. (Even Mrs Rowley joined in!) Here are a few of them:

Edward: Looking sterner than an angry tiger, the lady yelled at the poor boy.

Caleb: I felt awkward when I addressed the queen.

Ellie: She looked sterner than my new cat with only one bit of dried food.

Mrs Rowley: Mrs Welsby is much sterner than Mrs Rowley!

Siana: I fell over so sharply that I almost didn’t recover. My mum was sterner than ever because I’d ruined my new jeans.

Willow: Boris Johnson addressed us with the awkward news about Covid.

Emilija: My mum was really stern when my rabbit chewed through the TV wires.


We’ve been learning about fractions in Maths and Ellie has sent in a healthy lifestyle poster to remind us to keep up our daily exercise. Some of the class are completing regular 5 minute workouts with  Joe Wicks   and others have been running their daily mile round their garden.

Don’t forget to email in pictures of your fabulous work! It keeps Mrs Rowley, Mrs Walton and me smiling through self-isolation!

Home learning:

Posted on Monday 12 July 2021 by Mrs Welsby

Hello Year 3 and 4. Well done to all of you that managed to log into the live zoom lessons and to all of you that have been working hard at home. Every time you are on live lessons with me, I will add a dojo – some people have earned 3 today!

We looked at number stories linked to the  4x table. Here are two that Ellie sent in:

There were 7 cages and 4 cats went into each cage. How many cats were there altogether? 7 x 4 = 28. There were 28 cats altogether.

There were 7 pans. There were 4 pancakes in each pan. How many pancakes were there altogether? 7 x 4 = 28. There were 28 pancakes altogether.

In reading fluency, we looked at this week’s key vocabulary and had a go at using the words in our own sentences. I thought we’d share them, just like we usually do in school.

Jack: I recovered after a sharp turn.

Ellie: I recovered from stepping on something sharp.

Siana: I skidded very sharply and fell over, but soon I recovered.

Don’t forget to join us in the morning and to share your hard work with us!

Conquering fears at Castle Howard

Posted on Wednesday 07 July 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Today, Year 3 and 4 visited Castle Howard for our end-of-year trip. It was amazing to see the children in a different environment. Different personalities shone through from each of the children. We saw quieter children showing confident and brave personalities. So many children (and staff) took on new challenges, children (and staff) were trying new activities and the whole class showed such friendship and love as they cheered each other on. The children showed great care towards each other and towards other children (often younger) who were enjoying the different areas of Castle Howard.


Here is a video with snippets of our day. See if you can spot the member of staff conquering their fear to cross the wobbly bridge – helped over by a pupil, cheered on by the class!

Times Tables Rockstar Champions

Posted on Sunday 04 July 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Well done to this week’s Time Tables Rockstar Champions. This week 17% more of you were active than last week with a total of 78% active in the week.

This week our top ten were rocked by Maylee, Siana and Phoebe with Maylee and Siana scoring over 500 correct answers in the week!

Living and Learning: I can say something good about myself

Posted on Friday 02 July 2021 by Mrs Welsby

Our Living and Learning statement last week was about saying something positive about ourselves. This is something that many of us find hard to do. So Y3/4 have been working really hard at recognising our strengths and we have realised that there are LOTS of good things that we can say about ourselves.

Why not have a chat at home about all the things your child is good at? It’s great for our mental health!

Writing: our short stories (part 2)

Posted on Friday 25 June 2021 by Mrs Welsby

We have been busy developing our descriptive writing in class and have produced some fantastic mini-stories. The children had lots of fun imagining that they were sneaking somewhere to pinch something – of course this is something that they’d never dream of doing in reality, but it was great fun imagining!

We hope you enjoy some more of their stories!

Daisy Edward Ellie Harley Jacob Kara Louie Olivia Phoebe Will Willow